Name: Diva (Full Cosmetics Package)
Price: 19.99 USD

This is a purely cosmetic package. It contains all the cosmetic perks found in /cosmetics in-game. Plus the unique Diva Tag.

Cosmetics Included:

[Diva] Tag.

28 Particle effects to look extra fancy!

14 Arrow Effects to shot with style!

14 Death Effects to show them who's the best oofer!

56 Balloons to play with!

38 Miniatures (Minions) that will follow you around and look cute :3!

12 Unique Pets to follow you around! They not just cute but absolutely worthy of a Diva :o

28 Music Tracks to be played by your personal deployable DJ!

14 Animated Emojis that will allow you to display your emotions in-game :o!

14 Banners to carry over your head and show who's the boss (more to be added)!

26 Morphs! This is easily the coolest part. 26 animals you can morph into, most of them even include neat cosmetic skills to mess with your friends!