Terms Of Service

Running Advanced-Kind is a time-consuming process. It requires financial capital to pay for: service providers, monthly/yearly fees, development costs, and time availability, among other costs. We from the Advanced-Kind team deeply appreciate that you're considering a donation to our server. Every player holds a special place in our heart, and those that chose to support us financially really make the dream work for everyone.

That being said, the following terms and conditions ("ToS") apply to you ("Player") and your purchase ("Donation"). You agree to them by proceeding with your purchase.

I. Donation

Any purchase made in our store is made with the primary objective of supporting the future development of Advanced-Kind. Purchases ("donations") are non-refundable as you're buying virtual items that have no real-world value and do not provide an in-game advantage. We reserve the right to modify our packages. We also reserve the right to revoke any privileges or packages granted upon your donation if we deem it necessary to protect the safety of other players, and/or the services we provide. 

II.Our Rules

Becoming a donator of Advanced-Kind does in no way mean that standard server rules (as described in our webpage here) don't apply to you. The Advanced-Kind moderation team will not take your purchase into account. Having donated to the Advanced-Kind project does also not change the standard player understanding that by continuing to play in our Minecraft Server or by staying in our Discord Server you agree to all future Advanced-Kind rule changes including this ToS. Proper notice will be given of any meaningful change in our Rules or this ToS in our Discord Server which is linked here. Breaking our Rules or ToS can result in immediate suspension of your package or privileges. 

III. Technical Difficulties

We pledge to work with you when encountering technical difficulties. However, this may be limited by our ability to help (if the issue does not originate in our end), or a lack of resources. You understand that Advanced-Kind is a project of limited resources and our service is provided and maintained by a limited team. Furthermore, it is understood that interruptions in service might occur, both temporary and/or permanent. 

IV. Purchase

We do not accept payment from minors without the consent of their legal guardian. If you are under 13 years of age you're not capable of accessing our Discord without breaking our Rules. Therefore if you are under 13 years of age you cannot legally donate to Advanced-Kind or buy any package in this webpage. We do not accept payments with stolen credit/debit cards or other forms of illegitimate credentials.

V. Disputes 

If you wish to dispute a donation you can contact us at: [email protected] This is our preferred method of solving issues related to your transaction. We will try our best to accommodate you within our ToS. If you start a Paypal dispute without first contacting us, or any other form of chargeback without opening a ticket all services provided to you by Advanced-Kind will be terminated immediately.

VI. Our Discord Server

Our Discord Server (the Advanced-Kind community, ID: 736414524512403566) is the primary support channel for Advanced-Kind. It contains a detailed description of our rules and a ticketing system to file complaints, suggestions, and ask for support. If you have been banned from Discord, Our Discord Server, or are under 13 years of age we will not provide any support to you and heavily discourage you from proceeding with the purchase. We will not process any refund from someone that cannot make a ticket on our server.

VII. Privacy

We do not share your private information except for Paypal (the handler of the transaction) and CraftingStore (https://craftingstore.net/legal/privacy). The entity that handles the billing.

Our Discord Link for further support: discord.advanced-kind.com

*Advanced-Kind is in no way affiliated with Mojang Studios.

Updated 03/15/2020

- Moved the Rules to our webpage as stated in section II.

- Changed section IV's wording to make clear that no purchases are allowed from minors under 13 even if they have parental consent.  

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